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Hello, friend!

I am Sarah Thomas, and I am an author. My first book, Saving Minds, Saving Souls, was published by New Degree Press (October 2022).

I am also a podcaster, a teacher, and a Catholic.

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My Story

My road to living at the intersections of faith, culture, and education is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a long and winding one. From the heady hedonism of my undergraduate years to the spiritual reawakening that has come with time and experience, I have been fortunate at all stages of my journey to have good friends, both on earth and among the saints, praying for me. The details of that journey are probably best suited to another time and place, but for now, here's what you need to know:

I am passionate about God, Catholicism, Catholic education, and the power of story in all its forms. I become giddy when I think about the connection between words and The Word. I enjoy reading books and watching TV shows and listening to podcasts and trying to understand them from a Catholic worldview. I think a lot about how to witness to young people through living a Catholic worldview in the classroom, in front of students. I like to talk about all of these things, whenever and wherever I have the opportunity. 

Will you join me?

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