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Saving Minds, Saving Souls

As a thirteen-year alumna of Catholic schools, I thought I knew all about them: why they exist, how they’re structured, and why they continue to be a powerful presence in American education. What I discovered, however, is that teaching in a Catholic school is, in many ways, not what I had assumed. 

Saving Minds, Saving Souls: Revitalizing Catholic Education Through Witness is based on my ten-year journey trying to find a teaching position in a Catholic school and my experiences thus far as an educator. Combining personal stories, interviews with current Catholic educators, and recent and historical data on educational trends, I outline the challenges and opportunities facing Catholic schools today and explain how “witness” is the key to building the brightest future possible for them. 

Saving Minds, Saving Souls is a nonfiction book that speaks to current and prospective members of the Catholic school community who want to look at the intersections of faith, culture, and education in a new way.

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